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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Headed Back On The Road

We will be seeing you around the country this summer... It is very likely we will be in your home state. Meanwhile... many thanks to all our dedicated fans who keep Mad House 421 a house hold name. Be sure to check out our Official Store to get all your downloads and merchandise.

We will keep you informed, and can't wait to sit out another year to bring to the world an all new kick ass album. We know we are headed in the right direction when we say... Its a journey worth following! Check out Reverbnation for over 60 downloadable Mad House 421 songs! Keep the Party Rolling!!!

Listen To Mad House 421... Everywhere you go

Asleep in your bed, you awake... trying to force the dead outside your head. You can't get rid of the images that have split your life in two.

You don't want to believe that the darkness is real... after time, you can't deny... you know it is true.

You can ask them to leave, but the mystery remains... you are going to be followed for the rest of your days.

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